About Coologics

First, drug-free, faster, and more effective treatment of vaginal infections, clinically proven.


  • COOLOGICS is a clinical stage medical device company offering a drug-free solution for vaginal yeast infections known as Candidiasis.
  • Coologics was founded by a Board-Certified, female OB/GYN with 19 years of clinical experience, a frequent sufferer of yeast infections, and delivered her first child at 31 weeks gestation. She first conceived of her idea based on her experience alleviating the symptoms of vaginal yeast infections with cold packs applied externally. She passed that information on to her patients because the current drugs aggravated symptoms or were slow to take effect.
  • She knew that heat was one trigger for yeast infections, so she speculated that cooling the vagina could potentially eradicate the infection. It turns out she was right! Coologics’ all-natural solution will revolutionize women’s health.

Solution from Experience

First, drug-free, faster, and more effective treatment of vaginal infections, clinically proven.

  • Safe, tampon-like device stops symptoms immediately.
  • Antibiotics work poorly and are slow, contribute to antibiotic resistance, which causesdrug failures, recurrent infections, and deaths in the immunocompromised.
  • Vaginal Infections are linked to preterm births. Treating vaginal infections in pregnancy lowers preterm births substantially.
  • Recurrent infections contribute to lost productivity that costs over $14Billionper year.
  • Invented by a female OB/GYN who knows this problem well as she was a recurrent sufferer and treated countless patients with vaginitis. She also experienced a preterm birth.

COOLOGICS Is Sustainable

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE is INCREASING and one of the biggest threats to global public health. Our aim is to make a sustainable contribution to global women’s health and limit the unnecessary use and overuse of antibiotics.

Easy for women to use

Initial market research indicates that 80% of women would try this product and believe it should be available on the market

Easy to use, familiar, tampon-like device is pre-cooled in a freezer* for 30 minutes

The user inserts COOLOGICS intravaginally for 20-30 minutes Safe, Patented “time release” materials ensures tissue safe temperatures

Everyone reported less itching immediately upon insertion. Device conveniently disposed of after use.

The user only needs to repeat application twice a day for 1-2 days.

The Solution!

Vlisse is the Solution!
First Non-Drug Treatment for Yeast & Bacterial Infections