Scientific Facts

Research and Trial Data.

What Microbiology Tells Us

The Scientific FACTS

Human Trial Data


Dr. Michael Swor-PI

IRB-Approved Trial (2016) N=5

  • Moderate to Severe Infections
  • FDA criteria for DX and F/U 5
  • Clinical Cures/No rescue medication
  • Faster symptom resolution than drugs
  • One with BV/VVC*

Boynton Beach

Dr. Keith Aqua-PI

Investigator-Initiated Trial (2021) N=6

  • FDA criteria for DX and F/U
  • Three had VVC alone
  • One had VVC/AV*
  • One had VVC/AV/BV
  • One had BV/AV
  • 6 clinical cures for all conditions/no rescue medication
  • 2 mycologic cures for Candida

Total: 30 Cures

19 More Users Cured

13 of those were MD/NP/PhD-Observed
One had BV with VVC-CURED

VVC is Vulvovaginal Candidiasis

BV is Bacterial Vaginosis

AV is Aerobic Vaginitis

Importance of Mouse Data

*ALL drugs tested in the mouse model FAILED due to pH, favoring infection

Two studies in mice (2018) were conducted at LSU (PhD Experts in VVC) Results establish:

  1. The mechanism of action
  2. Proof of cooling efficacy


  • Statistically Significant reduction in inflammation (PMNs) or white blood cells: the immune response
  • Statistically Significant reduction in infection (Hyphae)
  • ‘p‘ values less than 0.05 are statistically significant

Decreased Infection p=0.0002
Decreased Inflammation p=0.0033