First Non-Drug Treatment for Yeast and Bacterial Vaginal Infections.


PATENTED, Controlled-Cooling Technology

  • faster

    Faster Treatment

  • effective

    More Effective Treatment

  • relief

    Immediate Symptom Relief

  • drup-free

    Drug Free, No Chemicals

How it Works!

Four Mechanisms of Action

*Cures the Infection by returning the hyphae (infection) back to dormant-bud state; kills fungus: confirmed in 2 cases; kills bacteria: confirmed in 4 cases

Stops inflammation/symptoms of itching, pain, and swelling

Normalizes pH as lactobacillus growth is metabolically active in cold

Reduces biofilms via 3 mechanisms for faster cure and low recurrence

Why Not Just Take a Pill?

Achieving Where Others Fail

Initial studies support high human effectiveness !


Microbiology confirms mechanisms of action.

  • Eradicates infection
  • Stops Inflammation & Symptoms
  • Promotes pH/healthy microbiome
  • Destroys biofilms


  • Two Mouse Studies
  • Confirm 2 Mechanisms of Action and Effectiveness p=0.0002 and p=0.0033
  • Existing drugs failed mouse model !!


  • Two Human Clinical Trials
  • 11 out of 11 Cures for VVC* alone, VVC/BV, BV**
  • Results confirm both Symptom Relief and Cure
  • 2 Mechanisms of Action proven
  • 19 Additional Cures

VVC* is Vulvovaginal Candidiasis

BV** is Bacterial Vaginosis